Kinematic is a company run by Dr. Leigh Kibby, a self-proclaimed “Noetic” psychologist and coach. His theories are somewhat derived from logotherapy and the search for meaning, ethics, spirituality, etc.

To this end, he provides a number of free downloadable games, most of which appear to be instructions for Chess variants. Not only do the rules provide for different piece movements (with unequal forces), they also include highly-thematic names for the pieces, such as in this game of Human vs Machine:

Human King: The Soul: Moves as for the QUEEN in normal Chess as long as the HEART (Queen) remains on the board. Without the Heart, the SOUL can move only one square in any direction.

Human Queen: Heart: Moves as for the KING in normal Chess as long as spirituality (Bishop) remains on the board. Without SPIRITUALITY, the HEART moves only on the diagonals one square at a time.

Etc… I assume you need to buy the coaching to figure out what this all means. Other games include Good vs Evil, Global War, and several business leadership games such as Investment Snakes and Ladders.