Role-playing board game – While admitting nothing about whether the game is deserving of any kind of patent protection (I see nothing original), I can’t figure out what the game is, despite a lot of information in the patent. Any ideas?

The game uses 3D terrain and figures, some kind of dice and card driven space-themed combat mechanics, with the two sides called juggernauts and scythons. The inventors are Andrew and Brian Esquivel.

Method and apparatus for facilitating game play with a mortgaging option – A method of encouraging a blackjack player who was dealt a poor initial hand (e.g. ten five) to continue playing by offering a limited benefit on one or more future hands. Somehow, while this temporarily erases the house’s short term statistical edge for these hands, the house still retains a long term benefit. And, ultimately, more revenue.

Card game with counting – Rather than fighting card counting, a method to change the payouts as a deck diminishes and the odds change.

Playing board for a board game – A design patent. The Sokhazania board game.

Educational card game for enhancing counting skills – The Match 10 card game, a simple education counting card game from A+ Tutoring. Picture here.

Card game table – A design patent.

Community card pai gow – Pai Gow with a community card, the use of which requires an additional ante before seeing the card.