Most party games are centuries-old parlor games turned into proprietary boxed products. This formula has actually worked well for games such as Balderdash, Pictionary, Time’s Up, etc. You get to play the parlor game without having to come up with workable words, ideas, objects, passwords, and clues.

Monkey Lounge Games extends the paradigm to its natural conclusion: they offer cards for every parlor game activity as mix and match, downloadable cards. Subscribe for $3 a month to download their entire card db; presumably they expect to add enough new material each month to make this worthwhile, though it would seem that, unless you play often, a single download would be more than enough for quite some time.

A set of cards from MLG provides roughly the same experience as dozens of boxed party games, minus the pretty board, timer, and pawns. They also provide cards for one-off game activities.