Tetris the Card Game is a new game from Fundex that translates into analog a small aspect of the video game. You have a card with a semi-completed grid on the one hand, and two cards with tetronimo pieces to fit into the grid on the other. Score points based on the number of lines you complete with your pieces.

This isn’t the first analog form for Tetris. Tomy and Milton Bradley each released board games called Tetris in 1989, after the Gameboy version became popular.

In 2003, Radica produced Tetris Tower 3D, an electronic board game that exactly simulated the computer game, including the computer game’s ambient music, an electronic piece selector, and timed moves. Radica’s 2009 release Tetris Tower did the same thing without the music. Imagination Games’ 2008 Tetris Duel also plays like the original game, but is not electronic; a die indicates which piece to place.

This year’s Tetris Link from Ideal uses the same mechanism of dropping tetronimoes into a frame, but you score based on connecting pieces. It is scheduled to be released this summer.

And let’s not forget 2009’s FITS, designed by Reiner Knizia and released by Ravensburger. Each player drops pieces onto their own board, trying to fill in holes, cover certain spaces, or leave certain spaces uncovered. FITS was nominated for a Spiele des Jahres award.