Pattaya, Thailand: Despite being bribed, police crack down on illegal house game playing rummy and High Low. (source)

Palm Beach, FL: Giant outdoor chess board (not the pieces) stolen. (source)

Jaipur, India: One man shoots another dead in a dispute about a card game, and the victim’s friends then beat him to death. (source)

Ghent, NY: Two men caught after stealing $3,000 worth go Magic cards. (source) That’s like, what, five cards?

Huntsville, AL: One mans with a gun robs several others at a dice game. (source)

St Louis, MO: Man robbed on the way home from a casino sues the casino for having allowed him to get drunk and pay him publicly in cash in front of other people (two of whom were the robbers). (source)

Massillon, OH: House robbed of several items, including board games. (source)

Detroit, MI: Fight at a card game turns into a killing with a knife. (source)