Metallica Monopoly. ‘Nuff said.

NorthJersey promotes Pirate Fluxx. (source)

Toronto Life promotes game cafe Snakes and Lattes as one of 50 reasons to visit Toronto. (source)

The New York Times promotes Be A Broadway Star. (source)

The Columbian promotes gaming in Clark County. (source)

Metropulse promotes gaming in Knoxville. (source)

The Atlantic promotes The Settlers of Catan as soon to be a Big Thing. (source) In rebuttal, someone writes that Settlers is not a Big Thing, yet. (source) Update: Wired responds to the rebuttal.

The Globe and Mail also promotes The Settlers of Catan. (source)

Blogcritics promotes City Square Off. (source)

Turnstyle promotes Dice Age, which is currently on Kickstarter. (source) Boing Boing picks it up. (source) Disclaimer: Dice Age is a PP supporter.

Henry Kissinger’s latest book On China contrasts Chinese politics to American politics using Weiqi (Go) vs Chess as a metaphor, or perhaps as an exact correlation. He’s not the first to do this. (interview, source)