Evil Hat Production is another RPG company looking to boost the audience for its RPGs by publishing board and card games with themes based on their campaign settings.

Race to Adventure, intended for release at the end of 2011, will be a board game in the Spirit of the Century world. The game is designed by  Evan Denbaum, E.K. Lytle, and Christopher Ruggiero.  The game is an action selection game; each player selects an available item, performs an action (associated with the item, I guess), stamps their passport (if they can), and returns the item for the next round. The winner is the first player to collect all the required passport stamps and return to home base.

Also coming, and based on Spirit of the Century, is the card game Zeppelin Armada, designed by Jeff Tidball. You have a fleet of zeppelins and you blow up other people’s zeppelins.