Croquet modifying game – Mission cards for croquet.

World cup of blackjack – Attempts to add skill to the game by having all players bet on the same hand. I don’t get it.

Mixed media game and methods – Some weird-ass deduction game with a luminescent board and a glass that can see through the opaque surface layer. I think.

Multi-player bingo game with optional progressive jackpot wager – A bingo variant by IGT.

Multi-player bingo game and methods for determining game-winning awards – Another Bingo variant by IGT.

Entertainment device using cards – A patent filed by SSD Company in 2004. A card scanning device that identifies the card by digitizing the card , rather than a QR code or the like.

Card game – Apparently this patent covers PvP blackjack. It might claim to cover a computer version of this. Either way, it makes little sense.

Poker dice game – 5 differently colored d10 used to play “poker”, with special combinations used to simulate a “straight flush”.