Starry Heavens is a live-action board game designed specifically for an installation on games called Arcade at MOMA. The installation is an event in the PopRally series hosted by the museum, which features works covering all types of media and the arts, thus giving the nod to games as to their inclusion in such a category.

The games were curated by Kill Screen, a magazine dedicated to games in the arts and  culture. Speaking of Kill Screen, they just started their first series on non-digital games called It’s Your Move by Gus Mastrapa. There is no RSS feed for just this column, unfortunately.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes. Starry Heavens is co-designed by Eric Zimmerman (we just covered another one of his games a few weeks ago) and Nathalie Pozzi. Read the rules, impressions, and a bit about the design thoughts at source, which is none other than the New Yorker. More from Eric’s site here, which is also the source of the above image.