Mindspan Labs, aka WizerGames, aka ChessMate.com (all separate companies, but basically one guy) published ZoxSo in 2009.

ZoxSo is an abstract game combining mechanics from at least five classic abstracts. The board’s play area includes both the spaces (like Chess/Checkers) and the vertices (like Nin Men’s Morris, etc). Each player gets 10 pieces in three different types; one is a king. These pieces may flip over during the game.

You start the game by alternately dropping your pieces onto the outer vertices. Then you move a piece. Before moving a piece, you may optionally flip that piece onto a free diagonally located space or vertex. While on the vertices, a piece moves to an adjacent vertex. While on the spaces, the three types of pieces move either like a knight, rook, or king to other spaces. You capture like in Chess.

Win by moving your king onto the center space or by capturing your opponent’s king.

Seems to me that the first player has a distinct advantage, but it will take several playings before you have enough experience to wield it. I could be wrong.

WizerGames produced a Chess-enhancing CCG called ChessHeads. Similar in concept to Knightmare Chess, ChessHeads cards supplement a standard game of Chess while in progress. Captured opponent’s pieces are required for the mana to power your cards’ abilities.