Cambridge Games Factory sent a C&D to IELLO regarding a game that the latter plans to publish. It’s not that the game shares many mechanics and so on with CGF’s game Glory to Rome; CGF was ok with that. What bothered them was that the new game was being promoted as a “new version” or the “definitive version” of Glory for Rome. The C&Dis intended to get them to stop promoting the game that way.

And, not coincidentally, CGF just announced their Kickstarter project for an updated version of Glory to Rome with new and better artwork (not that it could have had worse artwork). The KS project has gone from $0 to $17,500 in about two days.

Meanwhile, another recent Kickstarter project Dice Age has received notice that 20th Century Fox may oppose their registering a trademark for “Dice Age” since the latter owns the trademark for “Ice Age” the movie (also translated into gaming properties).

Mad Brew Labs points us to some RPG-related IP disputes involving Anaithnid Games and Paizo Publishing.