Upper Deck International has sued U.S. subsidiary Upper Deck Co. over the latter’s insane counterfeiting activities last year. UDI claims that not only was their reputation damaged, but that Konami Digital Entertainment cancelled contracts with UDI (in addition to UDC), UDC misrepresented settlement agreements which resulted in UDI being subject to extended lawsuits from KDE, and UDC still owes them $1 million dollars that UDI put up to pay off the suit. UDI was forced to close several offices and lay off more than 100 employees. (source)

The creators of Villains and Vigilantes has sued Scott Bizar (Fantasy Games Unlimited), long time publisher of the game. FGU dissolved in 1991, but Scott has continued to do business under the name. The suit claims that the rights to the game reverted to the creators in 1991, but that Scott continues to sell the product line. The creators are hoping to republish the game themselves as Monkey House Games. (source)

Mattel has been ordered to pay $310 million to MGA to settle the Bratz suit. (source) MGA continues with an anti-trust lawsuit against Mattel for damaging the Bratz brand.

Bethesda, maker of the video game series Elder Scrolls, is threatening Mojang, maker of the upcoming video and board/card game Scrolls, with a trademark infringement over the word “scrolls”. (source)

Bonus: A London constable claims that the London riots were inspired by kids playing Grand Theft Auto, instead of nice games like PacMan and board games. (source)