Days of Wonder today reported that a conflict has been discovered between Memoir ’44 Online for Windows and AVG Anti-Virus software. According to Days of Wonder, AVG released an update to their software on Friday, August 26th 2011 which began to incorrectly identify Memoir ’44 Online for Windows as being infected with a Trojan malware named “Dropper.Generic4.AJES”.

Days of Wonder states that this is a false positive and the claims by AVG AV software are unfounded.

AVG acknowledges they have had similar issues in 2009 with the launcher software used by Memoir ’44 Online for Windows.

To temporarily bypass the issue, here are the instructions released by Days of Wonder:

– Open AVG by right-clicking on the AVG icon in the task bar (bottom right of your screen) and selecting “AVG User Interface”.
– Open the “Tools” menu -> “Advanced Settings”.
– Scroll down the list on the left until “Resident Shield”.
– Click on the “+” icon in front of it, and select “Excluded Items”.
– Click on the “Add Path” button, and select the “Memoir ’44 Online” folder. You’ll have to look for in in C:\Program Files\
– Click OK

Purple Pawn does not recommend making changes to your computer settings without carefully reviewing the possible impact this may have on your overall security.

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Memoir ’44 Online is the online version of the Days of Wonder WWII board game, Memoir ’44.