Minion Games premiered three new games at Gen Con.

Nitro Dice is an auto racing game where the same cards serve as both the racetrack and what players use to advance their cars. Despite the name, it’s not actually a dice game. Dice are used to mark car positions and track current speed. The game accomodates 2-6 players and retails for $25.

In Grave Business the players are grave-robbing necromancers that make zombies to steal jewelry from the dead. Game play involves bidding zombies of varying quality on the spaces of a cemetery with the possibility of fights breaking out between opposing zombie teams. The retail price for Grave Business is $45.

Five Fingered Severance is a game about retail, actually failed retail. The players work in a store that is going out of business and their goal is to slack off while stealing as much as possible before the store closes. This goofy game is also $45.