Erie, PA: 10 people cited for disorderly conduct at a dice game. (source)

Macau: Seven people stole HK$24m from casinos by replacing the card shufflers with their own, and which had tiny cameras and transmitters in them. (source)

Hamilton, New Zealand: Police raid taverns hosting illegal poker games. (source)

Chicago, IL: One man shoots another at a dice game, because they were both interested in the same girl. (source) The shooter also set the other guy’s car on fire. I’m wondering what the girl thought of all this.

Manchester, UK: 72 year old former shopkeeper is playing dominoes with friends when several armed men enter and try to rob them. They refuse. After the former storekeeper is pistol-whipped, he manages to stab one of the robbers, all of whom run away. The stabbed robber subsequently dies from his wounds. The police arrest … wait for it … the former storekeeper. (source)

Raleigh, NC: Two armed men try to rob a poker game. Both of the robbers get shot, one dies. The police arrest … wait for it … the wounded robber. (source)

Jamaica, NY: Ex-NYPD officer shot dead at a dice game. (source)