Everyone and their mom heard about the upcoming Battleship movie and declared that the movie, because it was based on a board game, would SUCK. Now everyone and their mom has seen the trailer, and they have declared that the movie, because it doesn’t look like it was based on the board game, will SUCK.

Alabama Live promotes game design course at The University of Montevallo. (source)

Mashable promotes gamification. (source)

The Oklahoma Gazette promotes Victor Moyer and Tim Bugher and their game ScrumBrawl. (source)

The North County Times promotes Pam and David Barret and their game Constitution Quest. (source)

Oregon Live promotes Steve Ellis and James Eastham, co-designers of Railways of the World. Source mentions that the game won a Dice Tower award. (source)

Deseret News promotes Sandeep Kharkar and Dave Haslam and their game King’s Vineyard. (source)

Michigan Live promotes Jim Langeland, Blaine Moore, and Bill Eberle, designers of Dabong. (source)