The Trinidad & Tobago Guardian promotes Chess, telling us that all of the US Presidents played it to some degree. (source) Meanwhile, famed Chess champion Kasparov attacks FIDE president Ilyumzhinov for this tarnishing the reputation of FIDE. (source)

The Fort Dodge Messenger promotes Jeff Allers and his love for game design and the ministry. (source)

The San Fransisco Chronicle reports on games at Gencon. (source) The Gaming Gang shares that attendance at Gencon was up to 36,733 unique visitors. (source)

A University of Calgary study claims to show that Scrabble makes you smarter, when all it really appears to show is that competitive Scrabble players recognize fake words faster than non-Scrabble players. (source)

NPR promotes Bananagrams. (source)

Deseret News promotes WWII games. (source)

Stefania Seccia, writing for Burnaby Now, explores being a female reporter at Magic events. (source)