The Martha’s Vineyard Times promotes a local trivia board game about the Vineyard. (source)

Star City Gamers writes how some modern board and card games will pump up your Magic: the Gathering game. (source)

The Orlando Sentinal promotes Paul Miller and his game Commander-in-Chief. (source)

The Henderson, KY Gleaner promotes a new game shop Knight’s Comics and Games. (source)

On ABC’s new reality show Take the Money and Run, episode four (Who’s Gaming Who?) features a brief shot of a wall of Eurogames in some guy’s house. (source)

The Washington Post promotes Kickstarter games project Scurvy Dogs, and Eurogames in general. (source) Monica (the writer) contacted me for some quotes, but they didn’t end up in the article. I guessed that would be the case when she sounded disappointed at some of my answers (E.g. my response to “What makes a game successful in the mainstream market?” was that it was more a matter of luck, timing, and marketing than being an especially good game).

The Lewiston, ME Sun Journal promotes Euro games, including BGG, The Settlers of Catan, Settlers of America, Agricola, Fighting Formations, Puerto Rico, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, and Iron Horses. (source)