WizKids show premiers were Quarriors and Star Trek: Fleet Captains.

Quarriors, one of the most talked about games at Gen Con, falls in the deck-building genre but uses dice instead of cards. The dice are bright colors with custom symbols and are definitely a major draw to the game. The concept of the game involves the players summoning monsters and casting spells (each represented by specialized dice). It’s a bit more random than my genre-favorite, Dominion, but I’m having fun with it so far.

And yes, the first expansion for Quarriors is already planned for November. It will include cursed dice that players can put in to an opponents bag.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains includes 24 great looking star-ship miniatures but unfortunately I messed up the macro setting on my camera, so I don’t have any pictures for you—sorry. Of course, the miniatures are WizKids clix figures. The bases rotate to indicate different allocations of energy to weapons, sensors, engines, and shields, as well as to track damage at Yellow and Red Alert. Actually, with Fleet Captains, WizKids is debuting a new clix base design, which it will also apply to all future releases of other clix games.

Compared to Star Trek: Expeditions, Fleet Captains is more of an adventure game. Players compete to finish science, combat, and influence missions. The game also includes artwork from all the TV shows and movies.