Ares Games, the new Tuscany-based game company, has announced their newest game, Sails of Glory, created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini. The game is based on the popular Wings of War game mechanics. Wings of War was recently acquired by Ares and is being rereleased as Wings of Glory.

The news was released on the Italian website Gioconomicon.

Sails of Glory is a tactical game that recreates the age of sailing ships from 1650-1815. Reports state that miniature ships in 1/1200 scale will be created and used in a similar fashion to the Wings of Glory mechanics.

The concept is to use maneuver cards that are chosen in advance by all players. The cards are simultaneously placed in front of a ship (or plane) on a tabletop. All ships then moves according to the image on the card. Rumors of the development of a Sails of Glory like game have been circulating for several years.

The Gioconomicon article quotes Andrea Mainini, the co-creator, as saying:

“The distinct personality and behavior of a big ship is very different compared to an airplane from the 20th century and has allowed us to reinvent the game and find innovative ideas, but still keeping it consistent with the logic and principles that inspired Wings of Glory.” (Translation by the Richard Bliss and Google Translate)

According to the announcement, the first set of ship models will debut in 2012 and will focus on the Napoleonic era. The company hopes that the first set of models is successful enough for them to release models from different eras.

Ares Games is also the publisher of War of the Ring and Wings of Glory.