Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation. You and I are sitting down and watching Lupin the 3rd. You turn to me and ask, “Where’s the snacks?” I can be a lousy host, get over it. Then you say to me, “You know, Lupid the 3rd would make an awesome board game.”

This is the part when I smile and we both laugh, knowing that it would never come to be.

Except it has! Italian publisher Ghenos Games will be putting the game out, and has the players taking control of Lupin and his gang, or Inspector Zenigata and his agents. There’s hidden movement on Lupin’s part, and even the chance that one of his gang, Fujiko, will run off with the treasure herself.

If you’re a fan of the series, or movie, I’m sure you’ll run out and snag this just because of the license. Under that looks to be a really entertaining game.

For a more in depth look at the rules, head over here.

I couldn’t find an exact release date online, but it seems it’ll be out sometime before the end of this year.