Ignitus Innovation, publishers of Untold, have just released a Tangent for the Pathfinder RPG system called Harvester.”

“What’s a Tangent,” you might ask?

Ignitus describes them as: “Tangents are a line of simple, straightforward and super-awesome mini-adventures for your Pathfinder (or Untold) game! Designed to be easy to slip in between two adventures, in the middle of an existing adventure, or even to be used as the stepping off point for a brand new adventure, Tangents are ‘plug-and-play’, ‘quick-and-dirty’ RPG goodness!”

As stated in that description, you can also use this Tangent in your Untold games.

Here’s what the book includes:

  • One (1) new Pathfinder Creature: the Harvester
  • One (1) new Pathfinder NPC: Buzzsaw (and advanced Harvester “build”)
  • A tangent for 5th level characters – complete with Overview, Background, Encounter Setup, and Monster Tactics sections!
  • A section on Expanding the Tangent into a full-fledged adventure
  • 6 pages, brimming with beautiful, full-color art

I love the idea of bite-sized adventures, and it’ll be cool to see what else Ignitus comes up with in this series. I don’t have any Pathfinder material, but I’m interested to see how well this will work with my Untold stuff.
Tangent: Harvester is available from DriveThruRPG for $1.