Mongoose Publishing’s latest release for Traveller is Sword Worlds (also available in PDF), a Third Imperium setting book detailing a militant confederation of worlds in the Spinward Marches. What I’m really looking forward to, though, are Supplement 9: Campaign Guide and Supplement 12: Dynasty, both due in November. Campaign Guide is a book of random tables, maps, mini-systems, and other tools to help referees create adventures on the fly—everything from small side-treks to full-blown campaigns. Dynasty is a world-building guide with sections on government, infrastructure, trade, military, and religion.

But not everyone has given up on the old versions of Traveller. Through Marc Miller’s Far Future Enterprises, a group of fans decided to finally address a gap in MegaTraveller. Robots includes the obligatory design system, as well as rules for improving a robot’s skills and education. And also through FFE, there’s available a new novel set in the The New Era of the Traveller universe—The Errand.

And finally, taking what used to be T20 (the Traveller d20 version), QuikLink Interactive has rereleased the system minus the Traveller parts and is calling it SciFi20. There’s a SciFi20 Player’s Guidebook and a SciFi20 Design Manual.