Games based on the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory:

  • Cryptozoic Entertainment is planning Bazinga, some kind of party game. Cryptozoic is also planning to release BBT trading cards. (source)
  • Cardinal Industries is showing what appears to be a 1000 question trivia game based on the series. (source)
  • Warner Bros handed out some BBT swag at July’s San Diego Comic Con, including a promo board game. Example on eBay.

Twister is going to be a Kinect Game, which makes entirely no sense. Still, Majesco Entertainment is banking on it being a big seller. (source) Meanwhile, the original Twister game is one of many up for induction into the US National Toy Hall of Fame. (source) Other finalists include Dungeons and Dragons, Jenga, and Simon.

Spiral Galaxy Games is allegedly producing a cardboard version of the video game (essentially a digital board game) Bronze from Shrapnel Games and Dreamspike Studios. (source)

Cryptozoic (again) is planning a cardboard version of IDW Publishing’s Locke and Key. (source)

The Settlers of CatanThe Novel (translated from the German edition, which came out last year 2003).