AtomPunk is a co-op, wastelands, caravan card game currently in development by Samuel Mercer. It’ll be for 1 – 4 players, and playtime is estimated at between 30 – 45 minutes. Samuel describes the game as “Race for the Galaxy Vs. Magic the Gathering with a splash of euro gaming in a dirty Fallout post apocalyptic setting.”

In the game you’ve got 5 caravan elements in a horizontal line.  Each of these give the cards to their left and right bonuses. The arrangement of your cards an bonuses will greatly affect your game, and need the be carefully considered. There’s a constant shuffling mechanic going on throughout the game as you move your caravan elements around in order to best make use of your resources.

A really cool element of the game is the combat. If a something destroys one of your caravan elements it replaces it and tags along for the ride. This will add negative bonuses, and only overcoming the next challenge in the game will get rid of the hitchhiker.

There are 6 lands that you need to traverse in order to beat the game. Each player will also have their own secret goals they need to meet. Players MUST complete this goal in order to be included in the winning of the game.

Samuel gave me much more info on the game, but I’ll save some of that for when the game is released.

The game will be going up on Kickstarter around the holiday season to raise funds for production. There are already expansions being planned and Samuel is also working on a transmedia spin, coming up with stories set in the AtomPunk world that will further flesh out characters, events, and the world itself.