“Eureka! Oil has been discovered on the island of Catan! ”

Catan: Oil Springs is a free print-and-play Settlers of Catan scenario designed by Erik Assadourian and Ty Hansen. Developed by the Transforming Cultures Project with the help of Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games, t was created to to raise awareness about the effects oil usage has on the environment.

The scenario includes:

  • 21 oil tokens
  • (21 sequestered oil tokens on backs of oil tokens)
  • 6 Metropolis tokens
  • 4 Oil Spring tiles
  • 1 Champion of the Environment token
  • 7 Victory Point tokens
  • 1 Disaster Track (with Disaster Track marker

The PDF includes rules for producing oil, using oil, sequestering oil, environmental effects, and a new disaster phase of the game. There’s also a new end to the game if Catan gets flooded due to disaster.

It sounds pretty interesting, and I like that there’s an environmental cause behind this scenario.

Everything you need to play the scenario can be found here in this PDF.