New horror-themed adventures abound.

Midnight Harvest is a 90 page adventure for Savage Worlds and Realms of Cthulhu. The Halloween costumes look a little too-real and children are disappearing.

From Pinnacle Entertainment, Devil’s Night is for Deadlands Reloaded and Dead Presidents is for Deadlands d20. Devil’s Night is free but requires the brand new Savage Worlds Horror Companion. Dead Presidents requires high level characters.

Ghost Town is for another Western-themed game, Aces & Eights. To fit the season, though, it incorporates a few fantasy elements and a fear mechanic not usually part of the game.

Camp Death is a Fiasco playset inspired by slasher films. The players have to prepare a summer-camp rumored to be the site of some gruesome murders. Nothing could go wrong there.

Goblinoid Games offers Rotworld, a zombie survival RPG using the Action Table system from Timemaster and Chill.