Many in the board game industry are beginning to hear about Kickstarter. It is a micro funding site that allows a person to post a project, set a money goal to be raised, and set a deadline for how long it takes to raise the money.

One of the first games to make it big on Kickstarter was Eminent Domain which raised more than $40,000 in November of 2010. This year 61 Games, which includes board games, card games, RPG, and Dice games have successfully been funded with another 17 currently attempting to successfully fund.

The total so far for the year as off October 23, 2011 has been $1.1 million in total successful funding. Here is a chart that shows the success of the funding by month.

Kickstarter raises $1.1 million through Oct 23 2011

Currently there is approximately $185,000 that has successfully been funded but the time limit has expired, which will boost the total to over $1.3 million so far for the year.