What comes in a really bit, awkwardly shaped tin and is a pretty good time? Love It! Hate It!

Patch Products recently sent me a copy of the game to try out, and I have to say I was more impressed with it than I initially thought I would be.

The object of the game is simple enough. Be the first player to get 3 “Love it!” chips and 3 “Hate It!” chips. You gain these by guessing what the active player loves or hates about a given scenario.

Playing the game is pretty easy too. The active player takes a card and reads the scenario.An example card given in the rules states “If something got stuck on the bottom of my show, I would love it if it were _____ and hate it if it were _____.” Each of the other players now writes an answer for both on their speech bubble, and places it into a tray meant to hold all the answers. Players then go around the table reading all the answers for the “Love it!” side of the bubbles. The active player chooses the best answer, and the person who’s answer that was gets a “Love It!” chip. Then this is repeated for the “Hate it!” side of the bubbles. The role of the active player moves to the left, and play continues.

It almost seems too simple, but I have to admit that with the pacing of the game and how well written the scenarios are, it really works. Keep in mind that this is 100% a party game, so if you’re not into them then stay away. If you love a good party game, I’d say give this a shot. Giant, unwieldy game tin aside, it’s a pretty solid party game.

Purple Pawn received a free copy of Love It! Hate It! for review purposes from Patch Products.