I first heard of the Deck of Change on Google+ after Aristotle Bancale started following me. He’s created this deck of  cards to play games, use in RPGs, and self improvement. There’s 64 cards in the deck, and 8 symbols (yin, energy, force, space, matter, entropy, time, yang). Each symbol has cards numbered from 0 – 7.

On the game’s Kickstarter page there’s already rules for 10 different games that you can play with the Deck of Change.

There’s some really interesting things about this project:

1. The deck comes in 3 flavors. The AiTiA (basic deck), The Gauntlet (combat deck), and The Cauldron (insight deck). The combat deck has illustrations and extra text for use in RPGs. The insight deck has text on the cards to inspire thought, reflection, and self improvement.

2. The Delta Council: By donating at the $48 level, you’ll join the Delta Council. The Delta Council can actually contribute to the first play book of The Deck of Change. The Bonus games featured on the project page were created by AiTiA games and The Delta Council.

There seems to be a lot of depth in this simple deck of cards. Aristotle has also told me that the deck is actually the first of many items he’s working on that will be used in a “real world” RPG he’s planning. If any of this interests you, I’d suggest you head over to the Kickstarter project page and help him reach his goal.