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The money just keeps on coming. Games on Kickstarter continue to show strong growth as each month sees more projects successfully fund. October saw game projects bring in nearly $244,000. This was up from $209,000 in September.

Here is the list of October’s successfully funded Kickstarter Tabletop Game projects.

Alien Frontiers: Factions $76,780
Sunrise City $36,891
Carnival $34,436
Green Economy $15,035
Divided Republic $14,447
World Conquerors $10,758
Co-opoly $9,266
Super Showdown $8,624
Dig $7,817
Tok Tok Woodman $6,710
Castle Dash $5,520
Fluffy Bunny Tea Party $5,388
Hellas:Wine Dark Void $4,905
Void Vultures $4,077
Forceball $2,106
Wild Cards $1,155

This list contains three of the top 10 all time most funded game projects on Kickstarter.

I believe that November and December will easily eclipse October and will see several new games in the top 10.

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