DiceAFARI is one of the few games I am backing on Kickstarter. At my house I’m in need of short, light games that my wife and daughters and I can quickly play in about 30 minutes.

DiceAFARI fits my family perfectly. It is a straight-forward game with mechanics that allow play to move quickly. The imagery and theme are a favorite. Before the game came into our home my 6 year old looked over my shoulder one day while compiling the Kickstarter Roundup and saw the DiceAFARI game artwork and instantly wanted to play. This is the 6 year old who beats me at Command & Colors:Ancients which means she is a fairly sophisticated gamer for her age.

This game is perfect for times right before dinner or bedtime where a game is needed but not something that is going to eat into most of your evening.

Play is done on a unique set of maps that represent the area for your Safari. Your object, by rolling dice, is to chart a path and collect photos of the animals. Whoever has the most photos at the end wins.

The game is slightly more involved than what I’ve stated here, but not enough to discourage a light evening of play.

For full disclosure I have backed this project at the $170 level because if they fund, this level gets me three of their previous games, Gold Mine, Eruption, and Launch Pad, shipped to my house before Christmas. Hopefully my children won’t read this review because they will know what they are getting for Christmas.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Project. Ends on Monday, December 19th

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