There’s a post-Christmas sale of stuff on at Cubicle 7. I don’t know what; I wrote this line last week!

Gamer Chris is giving away a 2012 board game calendar.

Crooked Staff Publishing’s The Age of Shadow RPG is half off at DriveThruRPG.

Skirmisher Publishing’s products are 25% off.

For 10% off at use the coupon code “holiday12”.

For 20% off at Rebel Minis use the coupon code “rebel2011”.

For 10% off at the Cubicle 7 web store really long coupon codes are required, “KW7CWNXUFMT7MW8L1H8BHUSQ” in the UK and “EDT87J5RNFGKD5CU6AEBFWAQ” in the US.

[Added post publication] Ha, ha! I’m going to leave that in just for the laughs.