2012 is already shaping up on the Dominion front. 3 print releases and a digital release have been announced, along with a timeline for them all.

Dominion (Digital Release) – First Quarter 2012

Rio Grande has stated they’ll be releasing a digital version of Dominion early this year. No word has been said if it’ll be an iOS version, browser playable version, or a PC/Mac application.

Dominion: Base Cards (Small Expansion) — March 2012

A set of the base cards for Dominion (treasure, victory, and curse) will be released to replace cards from Dominion, Dominion Intrigue, or for use with expansions that don’t include them.

The next two releases are expansions for the game. 1 large, and one small.

Dominion: Dark Ages (Large Expansion) – August 2012 at GenCon
Dominion: Guilds (Small Expansion) – Late Spring 2013

Now for another bit of interesting news. It seems a version of Dominion has popped up on the iPhone and iPad. Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino is put out by Hammer Technology, and is in no way shape or form an official Rio Grande version of the game. In fact, while you can play Dominion on your iOS device, it’s not very polished at all. The app is free, but in truth, I’d recommend waiting until Rio Grande comes out with an official version, as I don’t even know how long this will remain on the app store. The app seems to rip the box art, card art, etc… straight from the game. Anyone remember what happened with Viking Lords?