2011 was the year of the independent game designer finding Kickstarter and Purple Pawn’s top game related story of the year. See our list of the top 10 stories. The year started off modestly, with only a few projects and a little bit of money but then in August, during the height of the board game convention season, Kickstarter was found. A total of 110 board game, card game, dice game, and RPG projects were successfully funded in 2011. This number is not exact, since the definition of a game project evolved during the year. For example, decks of cards with fancy new art work will no longer be covered as part of gaming projects since it falls under the Art category more than the gaming category.

The year ended with with $2,027,276 successfully funded for game related projects. December alone was $618,528 dollars, with D-Day Dice representing $172,000 of that total.