It’s the biggest news that’s not really news that I’ve reported on in a while. Wizards of the Coast today announced its intention to produce a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Let’s run down the details, so to speak:

  • Unifying version, bringing together players of all previous editions.
  • Modular, allowing different styles of play.
  • Supported by online and electronic tools but still tabletop focused.
  • Open playtest and opportunity for public input.
  • Initial setting will be Forgotten Realms.
  • No launch date yet.
  • They’re not even sure what they’re going to call it.

All-in-all, short on detail and nothing surprising. Nevertheless, a new edition of D&D is huge news and I, for one, am pretty excited to see what comes out.

As might be expected, the internet is already abuzz with discussion, argument, speculations, and jokes. My two favorites (from Twitter):

WOTC also revealed in the announcement that its D&D house convention, D&D Experience, will take place as scheduled this year but will be part of Gen Con starting in 2013. From this I would guess that we’ll see the release of this next edition at that Gen Con.

To get in on the playtest, visit the announcement page and click the appropriate button.