In the United States, at least, the game of jacks typically involves small, metal, six-tipped pieces and a rubber ball. But the idea of playing with small bits by tossing them in the air and catching them in different combinations has had many variations over the ages. In Korea children play with pebbles or plastic stones called gonggi. An Israeli version is called kugelach. Other names for this type of game include knucklebones, fivestones, and jackstones.

Wacky Jax is “bringing back” a version made from colored rings strung together and “remembered as Chinese jacks.” I don’t remember them from the ’80s, but then again that was past my jacks-playing heyday. (You should have seen me in 4th grade. I was a shark!)

With Wacky Jax, not only can you play the basic game (throwing them in the air, catching them on the back of your hand, etc.), you can clip them together in different color combinations, and fasten them in to bracelets and necklaces.