Continuum Games both publishes games and offers consulting, distribution, and marketing services to other publishers. Among the games that it was representing at Toy Fair were Albert’s Insomnia, Kwizniac, and Pitch It.

Albert’s Insomnia is a math card game. Each round, four number cards are laid on the table. Then, each player in turn is supposed to use those four cards—no more than once each but with any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division—to figure the next total number in series. That is, if one player figured out how to get to 10, then the next player must figure out 11, and the one after 12.

It’s a great idea, I think, for learning order-of-operations, but there must be something else in the box that I missed. Otherwise, it’s a simple series of number cards.

Kwizniac, “the trivia countdown game”, has actually been out for a little while, but a Kwizniac Kids was on display. The idea behind these games is that if the player doesn’t know the answer to a trivia question, more-and-more clues are given, making the answer easier to guess, though for a lower point score.

Pitch It translates the Shark Tank reality TV show concept into a home party game (but is not a licensed property). Teams draw “what” cards and “who” cards, and then must come up with a product name, slogan, and logo or product picture. For example, the what could be “sunglasses” and the who “FBI”. The team voted to have the best pitch gets $1 million, second place $500K, third place $250K, and the first to $5 million wins.