Discovery Bay Games’ Toy Fair presence this year was focused on the company’s Appcessories line, small devices that integrate with an iPad tablet for an interactive game-show-like experience.

The Duo Plink (formerly called the Yoomi) is placed on top of the iPad and allows a player to select, in secret, one choice on the iPad screen. Other players can vote by placing colored tokens on top, after which the Duo Plink rotates and the correct tokens fall in to a see-through cup. A variety of memory and trivia game apps are available to work with the Duo Plink, including:

  • Yoomi—a get-to-know-you game
  • Artifact or Fiction—a Smithsonian-licensed trivia game
  • Highlights Memory Mix-up—a memory game for kids
  • What on Earth?—natural history trivia

The Duo Plink itself sells for $30, while the apps range from free to $2.

Duo Pop is sort of like a set of hand buzzers and currently works with the following apps:

  • Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown—hidden picture puzzles with a timing component
  • Guesstimation—a trivia game where all the answers are numbers
  • Swoop—a crossword-style game
  • Saturday Night Live—trivia related to the TV show
  • Highlights Buzz Blast—a hot-potato game
  • In the Know—pop-culture trivia

The price of the Duo Pop set is $40. Apps are free to $3.