In The Game Crafter’s RPG Challenge, the winning roleplaying board or card game earns the designer’s choice of 100 days of featured status or a half-day booth slot at Gen Con.

The U.S. Department of Education, the NEA Foundation, and Microsoft are partnering in the C2i Gaming Challenge, which will grant up to 10, up to $1,000 awards (or maybe nothing, I guess) for “innovative and feasible idea for using interactive technologies and game-based learning to transform teaching and learning”.

Kobold Quarterly is offering issue #14 of the magazine as a free electronic sample. Use the coupon code “KoboldWelcome” is the company’s online store.

LPJ Design is selling Heroes of NeoExodus: Chanda Kesin for the price of a tweet.

Play Board Game blog is giving away Super Dungeon Explore.

For 25% off Patch Products’ games at the company’s webstore, use coupon code “HEART25”.