Roll & Play is a game for toddlers with no real winners or losers. It includes a large plush die and a set of activity cards in matching colors. In marketing speak, it’s designed to “gently introduce play patterns and rules”. In geek speak, it’s for raising future gamers.

Yackety Smack comes with a combination sound recorder and buzzer device. One player chooses and records two sounds—like a splat and karate-chop. Then all players throw down cards and try to be the first to hit the buzzer when cards are revealed matching the chosen sounds. The one who does, gets to record the next set of sounds.

With 26 letter tiles and a bag to carry them, Mini Mouth is a pretty simple word game. Players each turn over two to five tiles, and the first to be able to say a word that uses all the tiles gets to keep them.

Distraction is a memory-testing game with a twist. As players draw and put down number cards, they must repeat in sequence all the cards played up to that point. Occasionally though, the card drawn will require the player to answer a separate question before proceeding. Making a mistake with the sequence means taking all the cards played, which is no good because getting rid of all of them is the goal.

Pathwords Jr. is a single-player word-search game. Tetris-style puzzle pieces are used to highlight words that not only must match the clues but also must fit together without overlapping these odd-shapes.

Unhinged is a challenge puzzle in which there are 40 different shapes to match with a single piece made out of folding hexagons.

A maze-like logic puzzle, Turnstile has players trying to figure out how to get around the moving walls to put each colored pawn in its matching corner.