With more than fifty years of collective industry experience, WildFire are going to try life without a publisher. The recent collapse of their most recent publisher Sandstorm LLC, marks the end of the fourth and final publisher.

The fan-facing developer is behind the award winning (and brilliantly illustrated) RPG Cthulu Tech and the poo-flinging monkey game Poo: The Card Game.

Players of their succesful H.P. Lovecraft inspired SciFi RPG or their upcoming game “Void” can expect less of a focus on hardcover production. The company assures that fans will benefit from this move to eBooks and Print-on-Demand services via an increase in regular updates and more effective bite-size material.

Matthew Grau, vice president of WildFire, in explaining their rocky history with publishers:

Publisher 1: EOS Press – a small start-up publisher who needed to focus their efforts and limited resources on the Weapons of the Gods license at the time.

Publisher 2: Mongoose Publishing – relationship ends amicably due to a misalignment of business vision and goals.

Publisher 3: Catalyst Game Labs – relationship ends in a hostile termination of contract on our part with a subsequent lawsuit initiated by us and other related parties. More cannot be said for legal reasons, but you can find tons of speculation on the internet.

Publisher 4: Sandstorm – relationship ends due to too aggressive expansion strategy and subsequent termination of business operations.

Matthew adding finally that “[Sandstorm] tried to fly before they crawled.”