Scallywags is a pirate-themed game that uses the same style art as the company’s earlier pirate game, Loot. This one, however, is an interesting combination of memory and bluffing and uses plastic gold coins (some placed face down, some face up). The coins each have a number between zero and eight, and as you might expect, the goal is to gather the highest total point value. The difficulty is that what a player can do each turn (e.g., peek at a face-down coin, take a coin, or give coins to another player) is set by the draw of a card. Also, each player is limited to exactly eight coins, so generally its a good idea to fill up an opponent’s hand with low value coins whenever possible.

Fitz It is part of Gamewright’s Port-a-Party line and comes with 265 cards, each with a distinct hint. In the game, the players are trying to get rid of all their cards but they can only put their cards down in a grid pattern while naming an object that matches all the cards in a row.

In The Big Fat Tomato Game, players try to harvest the most tomatoes (red pom-poms) by playing cards and rolling dice. When a player has collected 20 tomatoes in a barrel, those tomatoes can then be stockpiled, which protects them from the actions of other players.

Zip Zap is one of those throw-down-the-cards-as-fast-as-you-can games. Cards must be played in number sequence or with a matching color or with a wild card. Special “Zap” cards allow a player to start the sequence over.

Take It or Leave It is a dice game. From a common pool of 9 blue dice, 9 yellow dice, and 2 red wild dice, players take one die at a time trying to match patterns on a set of cards in hand. When all the dice are taken, points are earned for matching a complete pattern (the points as indicated on each card), but are lost for having extra dice.

Scrambled States of America Deluxe Edition is the same game as the non-deluxe one but comes with many more cards and also has some upgraded components.

Elephant’s Trunk is a game for children as young as 4. Each player starts with a matching set of clothes and is trying to get rid of all those clothes by packing them in small metal tins (AKA trunks). A die roll determines which color trunk clothes can be put in. But if a mouse is rolled, the player is forced to unpack.