Koplow Games, makers of like a bajillion different kinds of dice, has added a series of 14-sided dice to their range for 2012. This includes dice with outlines of the continents, dice with the days of the week, and dice with vices and virtues.

Packaging a continents die with a days-of-the-week die, a 24-sided hours-of-the-day die, a 12-sided months die, and an 8-sided compass-directions die, Koplow sells the set as the Where Are You? story-telling game. Here are the rules:

When you roll all five dice, you will be: on one of the seven continents, in one month of the year, on one day of the week, at one hour of the day, and facing in one direction. Please tell us where you are? What you see? What you hear? What you smell? What are your surroundings? Test your knowledge, imagination and creativity.