Winning Moves’ lineup for 2012 includes four products based on classic games and puzzles, plus one word game. The four classic products are:

Tower Challenge, which is based on the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, where different-sized discs are moved from rod to rod but a larger disc can never be put on top of a smaller one;

Scopa, the traditional Italian card game;

Mah Jongg the Chinese tile game but with cards (and endorsed by the American Mah-Jongg Association); and

Brain Blocks, similar to the Soma puzzle except that the sides of the pieces have convex and concave sections such that they lock together.

Winning Moves’ new word game is called Scribbo and plays similar to Bingo. Players take turns calling out letter-number combinations, for example “19-E”. Everyone fills in that numbered square on their score pad with that letter. When the 5×5 grids are filled in, words that have been formed in straight lines score points. However, because each score pad’s grid puts the numbered spaces in different positions, a letter in a good spot for one player may be in a bad spot for another.