Steve Jackson Games has been teasing us with hints of a new release of Ogre for a little while now. Personally, this is a game that I’m super excited about! For those who are not familiar with it, Ogre is a hex-based war game where one side plays a futuristic, nuclear-powered, self-aware battle tank brimming with weapons and armor, and the other side plays an army of everything else.

To do the game, originally published in 1977, justice, SJG has come up with a box of goodies that I may have to build it’s own case. The game is already scheduled for release later this year. To give fans a chance, though, to help make the game even better, Steve Jackson Games yesterday launched a Kickstarter project and WOW have the fans responded. In about 48 hours, the Ogre 6th Edition Kickstarter has raised over $95,000. And to think, they weren’t sure very many people would be interested!