You may recall a post back in December about the card game Eleminis. I recently had a chance to play the game with my kids, and it’s a light, fun, simple game that can be played in as little as 5 minutes.

Each turn a player draws a card, and can either play it in one of 5 spaces in front of them or on another player’s spaces. The goal of the game is to get 1 of each element (water, air, fire, plant, and rock) down in front of them. There’s also a star, which is wild, and trash, which keeps a player from winning until they get rid of it. Along with these character cards, there’s aslo action cards that let you swap cards with other players, move cards around between players, skip players, or reverse the turn order.

A pretty cool element (heh) to the game is that each element trumps 2 others, so it can be played over that element to replace it. This comes in handy when another player is close to getting their winning hand.

Overall the game is very simple, yet enjoyable with kids. It’s easy to pack up, pickup, and play on the go. It’s for 2-8 players, and even though it says ages 7+ I had no trouble teaching my 5 year old the rules in no time at all.

Eleminis was provided free for review by Game Salute.