Strange combination, I know, but here’s the story… Heroes in the Dark is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to produce audio versions of classic comic books for the enjoyment of the blind and visually impaired. As part of an awareness and fundraising campaign—the funds are needed for a recording studio—Heroes in the Dark is running a Cthulhu-themed, roleplaying scenario design competition. Prizes for the winning scenarios include small cash awards and copies of the Cthulhu Dark RPG. But more importantly, the scenarios will be included in Horrors in the Dark, a Lovecraftian art and game book, which the organization is producing to help fund the studio.

Heroes in the Dark intends to finance Horrors in the Dark as a Kickstarter project, with sponsors at a certain level earning spots on the judging panel for the contest. The Kickstarter part of this project, however, has not yet launched.

So that takes care of Cthulhu, the blind, and comics. The Titanic comes in through the involvement of Pelgrane Press, who has not only authorized Trail of Cthulhu scenarios as part of the competition, but has also committed to donate all proceeds from the sale of its own new adventure, RMS Titanic: The Millionaire’s Special, to the Heroes in the Dark cause.

Frankly, I probably would have mentioned a Cthulhu Titanic scenario anyway. Check out this teaser!

The mummy of Hettunaway, Priestess of Amun-Ra, is being shipped to New York and donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by its owner, Jefferson Shaw. Legend has it that those who look upon her face are doomed.