On Thursday, Wizards of the Coast launched a public playtest for a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Calling the new edition D&D Next, Wizards aims to recapture the market-leading position it long-held in roleplaying by returning the game to its roots. From my quick look at the material, I think you’ll find D&D Next more like AD&D than 4th Edition.

The playtest materials include instructions for players, guidelines for Dungeon Masters, a brief bestiary, five pregenerated characters, and a sample dungeon (the Caves of Chaos section from the old module B2 Keep on the Borderlands). I’m a bit disappointed that no character generation rules were provided, though I understand that the test is not yet at the phase where a focus on such details is appropriate.

To get access to the playtest materials, you’ll have to register on Wizard’s website and sign a Playtest Agreement. To actually play a game, each player will have to do the same.