Army vs. Aliens is a two-player dice game where each player’s goal is to capture all his opponent’s dice. Each side gets a battle-guide card, which illustrates the results of various die-roll combinations.

Each set of dice, army and aliens, also comes with its own dice cup, the two of which can be fixed together for a very nice storage solution.

Wiggles 3D is planning a similar Pirates vs. Ninjas game for the fall. The game will work on its own or can be combined with Aliens vs. Ninjas for cross-genre combat.

Space Checkers is a campy, brightly colored, alien themed, 4 player variant of Checkers. Players roll dice to determine the direction and number of spaces they can move each turn. Captured pieces go to a player’s prison and the first to fill his prison is the winner.

Finger Tips is a simple matching game for players as young as 3 years. The hand-shaped cards with finger puppet finger-tips come in a clear plastic hand-shaped box.

RANDOMonium is a word-association game. Each domino-style playing piece has four words (two to a side) and each player has 20 seconds to use as many of their 10 pieces as possible by linking words with any crazy, off-the-wall association they can come up with. (The Wiggles 3D representative told me it plays very different with adults than with children.)